The Elena Mirò brand is born within the Alba-based clothing company Vestebene (now Miroglio Fashion). One of the first in Italy and the world to combine style with fit and feel, the brand targets Mediterranean-style women with fuller figures who wear shapely sizes.
The Elena Mirò brand is born
For the first time, the decision is taken not to hide the measurements of real women, using curvy models in the brand’s advertising.
Shop windows are taken over by shapely sizes
To give Mediterranean-style women a look-in, the Elena Mirò collection catalog is transformed into a seasonal magazine.
500.000 printed copies
The first Elena Mirò branded Boutiques open as well as the first franchise stores.
Some of the most celebrated slogans used in press campaigns over these years are C’era una volta la donna, c’è ancora (Once upon a time there were women; there still are, 1997), Ciao magre (Hi skinnies, 2000), Da sempre belle (Forever beautiful, 2004), Curve-à-porter (Spring Summer 2006), Satisfashion (Fall Winter 2006) and Creatori di forme (Fall Winter 2008).
Elena Mirò decides to focus on self-irony, a sense of belonging, the power of words and art.
Visiting leading world capitals to promote women matched with art, a number of artists are invited to make their creative contributions by imagining a woman who reflects fuller figure beauty.
Elena Mirò celebrates feminine beauty with the exhibition Morbidamente donna (Shapely woman).
It is a historic moment: finally all the women in Italy can feel they are being represented on the catwalk.
Elena Mirò shows for the first time during Milano Fashion Week.
Featuring a slightly slimmer fit aimed at a more refined, sophisticated woman with a strong personality, who loves subtle decorations.
The introduction of a new Elena Mirò line: White
The latest addition to the stable: the younger, more fashionable line, offering a different fit that allows less curvy women to dress Elena Mirò too.
The year of
20 years following the opening of the first store, the distribution network currently has 230 branded sales outlets in Italy and the world (around 130 shops and 100 corners), in addition to featuring in more than 1000 multi-brand stores.
A new Miroglio concept store opens in the heart of Milan for a new idea of fashion, bringing Elena Mirò together with the group’s other brands: Motivi, Fiorella Rubino, Oltre, Diana Gallesi, Luisa Viola and Per te by Krizia.