Elena Miró: Italian style for feminine curves

Elena Mirò is one of the leading clothing brands in Italy and the world which has shown how style can skilfully be combined with good fit. A collection that draws inspiration from the softly-shaped figure of the Mediterranean-style woman. The main ingredients? Intelligent cuts and top quality materials embracing curves; vitality and intense colours; and appealing charm, without forgetting the right proportions and the utmost in comfort.


A collection for all women

In the world of Elena Mirò every woman can find a variety of options for her. The Elena Mirò collection itself best represents the philosophy and creativity of a brand that encapsulates the curvy world, with styling solutions for every time of day.



The White collection features refined elegance in natural shades, creating simple sophistication by discreetly reworking timeless classic lines and neutral colours. The For.me di Elena Mirò collection is dedicated to all those women - the younger ones too - who want to show their figure off to advantage. It presents comfortable lines expressing restrained, playful sensuality.