Code of Conduct

Miroglio S.p.A. has considered it appropriate to set out a series of ethical principles and rules of behaviour in a Group Code of Conduct in order to best represent the entrepreneurial tradition that has made the family’s values a frame of reference, and to provide a tangible demonstration of how it interprets its mission through a policy of accountability based on ethical values.
To be followed in its own business activities and those of its subsidiaries, the Code sets out to promote a strong sense of ethical integrity and a corporate culture of compliance with the laws in Italy and in the various countries in which the Group operates.
Miroglio S.p.A. is determined to ensure the utmost probity in the management of its business, with a view also to safeguarding its own and the Group’s image and reputation. Together with the companies Miroglio Fashion S.r.l. and Miroglio Textile S.r.l., it has chosen to comply with the provisions of Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 (“Regulations governing the administrative responsibility of legal entities, companies, and associations, whether with or without legal status, under Article 11 of Italian Law no. 300 of 29 September 2000″), which introduced into the Italian legal framework a system of corporate administrative responsibility in the event of a series of predefined criminal offences committed by persons having a representative, administrative or managerial role within the Company or subject to their management or supervision.
Miroglio S.p.A has considered it necessary for each company in the Group to adopt, in both its internal relations and in its dealings with third parties, a set of rules of conduct designed to promote a strong sense of ethical integrity and legal compliance throughout the company, on the premise that a clear statement of the fundamental values by which each is inspired in the attainment of their business objectives is of key importance in the correct performance of its activities, and constitutes a valid element in supporting the Model of organization, management and control which each is required to adopt pursuant to and for the intents and purposes of the Decree.
The Code of Conduct has been approved by the administrative body of each company in the Group, which undertakes to ensure its widest dissemination on the premise that its observance constitutes an indispensable condition for the correct operation of the Group, the safeguarding of its reliability and reputation, and the ever-increasing satisfaction of its clientele, all factors contributing to the success and current and future development of the Miroglio Group.