Piazza della Scala PE21

The combination of Fashion and Art
has led to numerous collaborations between
artists and stylists, bringing unprecedented
masterpieces onto the catwalk and into museums.
This is how the idea for the new
PIAZZA DELLA SCALA collection came about,
a series of exclusive garments inspired
by the works of abstract painter Luiso Sturla.

Collezione Piazza della Scala dall'Atelier Elena Miro

The intuition

Behind every major project is a story, an intuition, which in this case is also the story of relationships and affinity, discovery and friendship. This sensitivity sparked the idea of printing Sturla’s works on fabric.

Compositional freedom and ongoing research

These key words best describe the work of the Ligurian abstract artist. During his travels, Sturla had the opportunity to meet artists of different artistic movements, thus enriching his poetic language and the formal structure of his paintings.

Capsule Collection Piazza della Scala dall' Atelier Elena Miro
Collezione Piazza della Scala dall'Atelier Elena Miro

Spring-Summer 2021

The works of Luiso Sturla, a leading figure in Italian contemporary art, give life to a series of exclusive garments in carefully printed fabrics, where the artist’s poetic strokes reveal a strong emotional charge.